9 Natural Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard and Garden

Ticks are generally nasty and nuisance for all of usLyme disease which is related to ticks often spread like wildfire especially in the areas of the U.S. due to sudden climate change. Not only your blood is their preferred food, but they can also transmit Lyme disease into your system by sucking your blood. here we have 9 tips to keep ticks out of your yard and garden.

When you come across such ticks you would definitely have a headache, fever, and other unpleasant symptoms. According to the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, if you do not take proper care and treatment, this disease will sustain for years giving you a wide range of side effects such as loss of memory, sore joints, panic attacks, and acid reflux. 

The pests in the yards around the houses are activated in the spring and their population begins to develop rapidly, and in the summer months, it reaches its peak. Depending on the proximity of your yard to water sources, farms or other specific features of the area can be found in all kinds of pests.

Common are fleas that are spread by your pets, but even by the accidental passage of stray cats for example, through your backyard. Distributors of fleas are even mice and rats that dig tunnels through which they penetrate into the house and other structures and inflict damage by transporting various diseases.

The Mole and the blind dog settled in the yard, ruining perfectly aligned grass, as well as your flower gardens. And where there is greenery necessarily appear and ticks.

What means and preparations do we use against pests in the yard?

In summer, when you are looking for coolness in your yard, you will be attacked by swarms of mosquitoes, and if there are water sources nearby, it is very likely that their population can develop many times. If mosquitoes will make your evenings terrible, then the flies will annoy and bite you during the day.

Another not least dangerous pest are the wasps that make their nests around the villi, the houses, under the roof tiles, as well as in crevices and cavities of the walls.

To this group of objects include courtyards to houses, villas, various outbuildings, gazebos. This includes water basins, open water areas near your yard or in itself.

For pest control, several methods are applied depending on the type of enemy, the degree of invasion, the type, and the size of the object.

The use of poison to combat rodents is not desirable, especially if you have a domestic cat, as it can also devour the poison. For them, as well as for moles and blind dogs, traps are used with which they can be caught. The best solution is the use of denotational boxes that prevent people and other animals from accessing the detergents, as well as protecting them from the influence of weather conditions.

In addition, different types of repellents or devices can be used to expel the pest in the open air. These appliances use electromagnetic waves that keep rodents, reptiles, cats, and dogs away from your backyard and guarantee you peace and comfort in your garden.

To combat insects have mainly used preparations developed by leading companies in the field of pest control. These preparations are completely harmless to humans and have no negative effect on the environment.

If your garden has specific features and you want other means of pest control, our staff will consult you about the alternatives and will offer you the best solution for your yard.

Before searching for ways to get rid of the ticks, it is very important to know how ticks develop and spread diseases. 

Ticks: Developing stages and way they spread diseases


Ticks: Developing stages and way they spread diseases


Well, as you can see, these little creatures go through four life stages: egg, larva, nymph, and adult. They need blood at every stage to survive and need years to complete their full life cycle. But they die soon if they fail to find a host for their next feeding. They usually feed on mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Ticks find their hosts by detecting animals´ breathbody odors, or by sensing body heat, and vibrations.  


And if you want to know how they spread the disease, then let me tell you, the tick inserts its feeding tube into the animal skin. Many species of ticks secrete a substance that keeps them attached during the meal. A small amount of saliva from the tick enters the skin of the host animal during the feeding process. The tick containing the pathogen will then transmit the disease to the new host. 


Now that you know a few things about ticks and its disease, it’s important to stay away from ticks that are harmful to your health. While some people use chemicals to repel ticks out of their yards, there are also natural tick repellents that will help protect your yard. 


Here below I have mentioned 8 natural ways to get rid of the ticks from your yards. 


1. Mowing Lawn to keep ticks out of your yard and garden


The first thing you should do is cut down tall grass and bush, especially at the edge of your lawn, to eliminate the gathering of ticks. 


9 Natural Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard and Garden


2. Create a perimeter to keep ticks out of your  yard and garden


9 Natural Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard and Garden


The next thing you should do to keep ticks out of your garden is proper landscaping. They search for high humidity to live. They love woodpiles, leaf litterand many other yard wastes. The first thing you should do is separate woodpiles, and leaf piles from your lawn area or get rid of it to keep them at bay.  


3. Use all-natural chemical warfare to keep ticks out of your yard and garden


9 Natural Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard and Garden


Use Cedar oil as it is completely non-toxic to humans which acts as an effective repellent for ticks. It doesn’t harm the beneficial insects 


4. Create a Gravel Zone to irritate their feet to keep ticks out of your yard and garden


Do you know ticks hate walking through wood chips or gravel? Place a gravel or wood chip zone between lawns and wooded areas to help ticks stay away from coming inside your yard. 


5. Stack Woodpiles in a neat and compact way! 


9 Natural Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard and Garden


Ticks can crawl around sloppy woodpiles in shaded areas. If you keep the wood stacked in a neater and compact way, and in a spot that gets enough sunlight, it’ll dry out faster.  


6. Invest in tick eaters to keep ticks out of your yard and garden


9 Natural Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard and Garden


Well, this is optional. You may consider investing in a few chickens. Growing chickens not only provide you with fresh eggs but will also help you to get rid of the ticks from your yard. But make sure to do proper research on the food habitats of these chickens before raising them. 


7. Use Lavender to keep  ticks out of your yard and garden


9 Natural Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard and Garden


Lavender is a common outdoor plant and has a lovely scent. It helps us relax, relieves stress, and promotes healthy sleep. But do you know that the same smell we love is what drives the little creatures away? Under optimal conditions, lavender can grow quite large. You can plant them in your yards, to repel the ticks. Be prepared to re-pot in a larger container as time goes by. 


8. Keep Deer Out of Your Yard! 


9 Natural Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard and Garden


Deer is a known carrier of ticks and Lyme disease, so use deer repellents to keep away deer from loitering around your yard. 


If you follow the above 8 waysyour yard would be less prone to ticks, but if you want to kill ticks that are hampering your property, then you must focus on methods that kill them. 


9. Use non-toxic tick repellents to keep ticks out of your yard and garden


 9 Natural Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard and Garden


Yes! Use a Rechargeable Lantern as it helps you to kill ticks in your yard while illuminating your evening activities. You just need to switch on the light of this repellent and keep it hanging wherever you think ticks are more.

Be it your yard or rooms, it provides perfect lighting up to 300 sqft. Most importantly, no matter what the climate is, you can always use this rechargeable lantern as this has LED waterproof light and 2 separate switches for your specific needs. This tick repellent is nontoxic, and user-friendly too. 


9 Natural Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard and Garden

Ticks can invade your home along with your clothing and pets. So carefully examine pets and your clothes. If you find any, remove it as soon as possible. If possible, tumble dry clothes in a dryer on high heat for a few minutes to kill ticks. If the clothes require washing, use hot water to kill the ticks. Visit the doctor and get a full-body checkup done upon returning from potentially tick-infested areas, including your yard and garden.  

Stay alert! Stay happy!