An Indoor Mosquito Zapper that Actually Works

Indoor Mosquito Zapper Insect and Mosquito Trap

Mosquitoes are such a buzzkill, literally and metaphorically! 

Every morning your kids are scratching bite marks. They are cranky over the inadequate and poor quality of sleep. Every movie night or game night is interrupted by these annoying pests. Are you close to walking away or admitting defeat in the war you have been waging, almost in vain, for years together against mosquitoes and bugs?

Now, guilt plagues you. You cannot afford to give up on protecting your kids from these dangerous insects, can you? We understand!

That’s why, with Zapout, we have designed the best Indoor Mosquito Zapper in the business.

Why you can’t ignore this indoor mosquito zapper!

When you think of mosquitoes or bugs, you’ll most likely be reminded of incidents when your peaceful sleep time was interrupted by these pesky insects. With this indoor mosquito zapper, not only is your family protected from mosquitoes, but you’re also able to enjoy uninterrupted sleep schedules. It’s so quiet you won’t even know it’s there! Consider this indoor mosquito and bug zapper your quiet friend who always has your back, especially when you’re reading bedtime stories to your kids or watching a movie together in the dark. It qualifies as the best mosquito zapper while restoring peace of mind to you and your family, without ever drawing attention to itself or making its presence felt.

Are you tired of chemicals being rubbed and sprayed on your skin or inside your home in the hope of forming a protective layer against these pests for lack of a better option? Your frustration is justified. As a parent, you want your kids far away from infectious-disease causing bugs and insects without using artificial chemicals which you know are noxious for your kids and pets. That’s exactly why we created the best indoor mosquito zapper for you. It’s 100% chemical-free and your most safe option against dangerous bugs invading your home.

Now, you’re probably thinking about convenience. Can I move it around easily within different spaces inside the house? The answer to that is a loud, resounding yes! It’s small, lightweight, compact and portable. Shuffle it between rooms and other spaces without breaking a sweat.

For how long can this indoor mosquito and bugs zapper be used continuously, you ask? Well, use this for as long as 24 hours a day for all round protection against bugs and insects. You needn’t have to worry about scheduling activities or having to abruptly end them due to pesky insects. From now on, insects will not have the pleasure of interrupting you, all through the day and night.

How does it work?

There’s a scourge of mosquitoes that have invaded your home in the few seconds that the door was left open. They are now looking to attack. They see a blue light and go, ‘Oh yes, there lies our feast for today’. They fly quickly towards it. Until, Zappp! It was a trap! The entire scourge is wiped out. How?

The Zapout Indoor Mosquito and Insect Trap works on Ultra-violet technology. The soft blue light does the trick. This indoor mosquito zapper contains UV LED’s which emit the soft blue light to which the bugs are drawn to like a kid to ice-cream.

How does it trap the entire scourge? This indoor mosquito trap has a 360-degree suction system which quickly and efficiently traps the insects all around it leaving no stone unturned. Within a few seconds the bugs are suffocated and killed. This is how you get complete coverage with the Zapout indoor mosquito trap.

A fan is attached to the body, which will attract all the bugs from the room and suffocate them in the holding chamber. The continuous running fan will resist them from escaping, in this trap, they will die easily.

Most often, with appliances that need power supply while in use there is a risk of over-heating with extended use due to a faulty motor or an improperly designed vent. Do not worry, that’s not the case with the best mosquito zapper in town with an effective cooling system. It comprises a quiet fan which works endlessly to improve the lifespan of this zapper in spite of continuous use.

Features of Zapout Indoor Mosquito Zapper

In most homes, dusk signifies a time to get inside and stay inside for protection against such bugs. Just a few minutes of carelessness can bring in a scourge of mosquitoes which defeats the entire purpose of staying indoors at all. Which is why the Zapout Indoor mosquito trap is a must-have for all your homes. It guarantees protection inside the house simply because so much time is spent indoors.

Do you have to plan all your activities around this indoor mosquito trap? Not at all. It provides a 600-square-feet protective cover, thus giving you flexibility to move around a lot more.

Up until now, most of the options you had involved sticky creams or noxious sprays in your fight against mosquitoes and insects. Not anymore. This indoor mosquito and bug trap provides you a mess-free and chemical-free mosquito management system.

You don’t have to ever think about how many mosquitoes this can hold. This mosquito trap has plenty of room for captured mosquitoes even with 24-hour use.

Once you’re done using it, it’s been designed for easy maintenance. All you have to do is twist open the bottom of the zapper, empty the contents, wipe it with a clean cloth and the next 24 hours can also be mosquito and guilt-free for the sake of both you and your kids.

In addition to all these amazing features, the icing on the cake is its design. At night, with all other lights turned off, this indoor mosquito and bug trap looks like a modern shimmery lamp guaranteed to wow your guests by adding a touch of finesse to that beautifully decorated indoor space.

Now that all arguments have been made in favour of the Zapout Indoor Mosquito and bug trap being the best in the business, only one decision stands in the way of the war you want to wage against mosquitoes indoor; Will you choose the black one or the white one?