This Bug Zapper Is Quiet, Eco-Friendly and An Effective Pest Control Solution

Bug zapper

It isn’t too difficult to acknowledge that while we try to have fun outdoors, most insects get to enjoy a good meal. What’s annoying more than their buzz is that they’re either eating your food or they’re eating you. Your annoyance grows to the point where you just wish for a miracle to rid your home, backyard, or any surrounding off these pests. How will that miracle come your way? Through a bug zapper! You read that right. Zapout designed a bug zapper–more formally known as an indoor insect and mosquito trap—that lures bugs into it and kills them.

Wondering how it works? Keep reading and we will examine the parts of our bug zapper together.

Inside of the indoor bug zapper

Our bug zapper has an incredibly simple yet elegant design. Comprising just a few parts, it is a very effective solution for bug riddance. The basic parts of our bug zapper include:

Housing – The exterior casing that holds the parts of the zapper together is made of plastic. It is a cylindrical zapper that opens up with a suction that measures up to five inches in diameter and nine inches in height. The 360-degree suction is what captures and puts an end to all your mosquito problems. To top it all it is light-weight that weighs up to 1.5 lbs. Our indoor bug zapper is a perfect epitome of the phrase ‘big things come in small packages’.

Light bulb – Light bulbs attract insects like a moth to a flame. The fluorescent light is what poses as an attractive attribute for insects. The UV LED lights emit a soft blue glow that attracts and lures mosquitos and insects that enter your home–into the top opening of the zapper and kills the bug till it is no more.

Suction – The suction placed at the top of the indoor bug zapper works like a Venus Flytrap. With similar instincts to trap insects, the zapper attracts bug with its light. The suction then opens up like the mouth of the Venus Flytrap—and traps and suffocates mosquitoes and bugs in seconds. With the ability to protect up to 600 square feet in one go, this bug zapper is a definite buzz-kill.

Fan – Below the suction—that mouths the zapper and the LED light is the fan that runs smooth and quiet. The fan runs noiselessly to suck insects into the chamber and keep the zapper from heating up too fast. After they are sucked into the holding chamber by the 360-degree fan, the indoor bug zapper suffocates these bugs. It is ideal in permanently removing pests from circulation—while also ensuring that you enjoy a peaceful sleep with no bugs and their annoying buzz for good.

Why Zapout?

The Zapout indoor bug zapper is an eco-friendly trap with UV technology, which attracts mosquitoes to provide a bug-free zone. It is complemented by an amazing cooling system. It is effortless and easy to use. A few other reasons as to why our indoor bug zapper is the best pest control solution for you are listed below.

Poison free

One advantage is that our bug zapper doesn’t pose any health risks. It helps you get rid of insects with fewer to no chemicals at all and less personal intervention. Most bug sprays are filled with harmful and poisonous chemicals that prove to have serious side effects. A bug zapper that rids your homes of pesky insects and has no ill effects on you actually exists. Yes, it is a bug and poison-free dream come true.


Our bug zapper unlike bug strips and bug sprays can be reused. While it looks like a night lantern that adds value to your home decor, it is more valuable than just posing as a decorative piece. It kills pests. Not once, not twice, but multiple times over. Moreover, it doesn’t leave behind the odor, smoke, or even skin allergies when in use. What more could you ask for to remove insect-annoyance once and for all?

Portable and rechargeable

Our bug zappers are portable and weigh as light a 1.5 pounds. This means you can carry them around when traveling, hiking, camping, or even barbequing in your backyard–thus minimizing the risk being bitten by insects when you’re not just indoors. How does our bug zapper work for long hours you ask? It is rechargeable and can run for three and a half hours straight. It is portable, rechargeable, and unstoppable.

Easy maintenance

Our bug zapper is easy maintenance and is designed to be cleaned easily—all you need is a damp cloth. When dirty, wipe clean with the cloth and leave it to air dry. Since it is portable and light cleaning and maintenance is no rocket science. Simple right? Yes! Simple but very effective.

We all are aware of commercial pesticides that are readily available in the market to solve mosquito and bug problems. We even witness municipalities often spraying pesticides, on a large scale in the spring and summer to eliminate mosquito populations. And that is a large-scale solution that people resort to. On a personal level of protection, individuals generally use a broad-spectrum insect repellent that contains chemicals like N-diethyl-m-toluamide that repel mosquitoes and other biting pests. While these solutions have proven effective in the past, they do have some serious side effects on our bodies and the environment around us.

We at Zapout designed this bug zapper considering these side effects. We wanted our solution to stand out and meet your needs without affecting any third party. Our indoor bug zapper emits no smoke or chemicals—it merely uses light to lure and capture mosquitoes and other bugs within your premises. Its UV light plays a vital role in attracting mosquitoes to the top opening. They are then sucked into a holding chamber by a 360-degree whisper-quiet fan that permanently removes bugs from circulation. Voilà you now have an insect-free environment.


Here is the Video which provides more information about the product: