A Guide Through the Most Effective and Chemical-free Mosquito Repellent

A Guide Through the Most Effective and Chemical-free Mosquito Repellent - Zapout

The weather is pleasant and all you can think about is a little family picnic up a mountain and with a campfire and tents. Post all the trekking, campfire dancing, and tent setting its finally time to turn the lights off. You snuggle into your sleeping bag and the covers are tucked beneath your chin. […]

Zippety Zap: Use Zapout’s Mosquito Killer Lamp for Pest-free Experiences

Mosquito Killer Lamp

Warmer weather means reveling in outdoor activities like hiking, sunbathing, and barbeques. Along with these adventures come one tiny nuisance–mosquitoes. These pesky pests, which thrive in summer can put a damper on anyone’s warm-weather fun. But there are ways to deter mosquitos, so you can enjoy a little bit of sunshine. The most common method […]

This Bug Zapper Is Quiet, Eco-Friendly and An Effective Pest Control Solution

Bug zapper

It isn’t too difficult to acknowledge that while we try to have fun outdoors, most insects get to enjoy a good meal. What’s annoying more than their buzz is that they’re either eating your food or they’re eating you. Your annoyance grows to the point where you just wish for a miracle to rid your […]

An Indoor Mosquito Zapper that Actually Works

Indoor Mosquito Zapper Insect and Mosquito Trap

Mosquitoes are such a buzzkill, literally and metaphorically!  Every morning your kids are scratching bite marks. They are cranky over the inadequate and poor quality of sleep. Every movie night or game night is interrupted by these annoying pests. Are you close to walking away or admitting defeat in the war you have been waging, […]