A Guide Through the Most Effective and Chemical-free Mosquito Repellent

A Guide Through the Most Effective and Chemical-free Mosquito Repellent - Zapout

The weather is pleasant and all you can think about is a little family picnic up a mountain and with a campfire and tents. Post all the trekking, campfire dancing, and tent setting its finally time to turn the lights off. You snuggle into your sleeping bag and the covers are tucked beneath your chin. You’re falling blissfully into a long-overdue sleep—when you hear the high-pitched whine of an approaching mosquito.

That’s it! You’ve lost your sleep. You quickly reach out for your bag but you don’t find your mosquito repellent because you managed to forget to put that little spray bottle in your bag. That’s why we at Zapout designed a mosquito repellent big enough to miss a trip alongside you—and small and portable enough for you to carry with you wherever you go. 

Our mosquito repellent is a rechargeable mosquito lantern that tackles bug-bites in the middle of the night and their annoyance at any point of the day. Apart from the irritating buzz, mosquitoes are carriers of diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and Zika viruses that account for more than one million deaths each year according to the WHO. Our climatic conditions are warming the planet enough for a mosquito-friendly habitat worldwide.  

So, whether you’re trying to avoid a disrupted sleep or a risky disease, it’s worth spending your money on a measure that works. This mosquito repellent that also doubles as a lantern is the most effective remedy from becoming a mosquito’s next meal. 

This is how it is built 

This lantern is as small as three and a half inches in diameter and five inches in height. It is made of a plastic and metal grid-like rim that wraps around the LED bulb. This lantern that serves the purpose of a mosquito repellent is available in three colors—aqua, lime, and green. It has a built-in 200mAh rechargeable battery that keeps the lantern going for as long as 22 hours. The lantern mosquito repellent comes with a recess hanger that allows you to suspend the lantern wherever. 

What it does to keep mosquitoes away?

Today most people tend to agree that the best mosquito controls include a combination of repellents applied to skin or clothing that prevents mosquitoes from reaching you in the first place. But these mosquito repellents also have side effects that irritate the eyes and the skin. 

Our mosquito lantern on the other hand shields you from pesky pests within a radius of 200 square feet. You can just hang it on your tent zipper and enjoy star gazing outside of your tent.

How does it keep mosquitoes away you ask? It doesn’t! Don’t jump to conclusions yet. This lantern that works as a mosquito repellent attracts mosquitoes and other bugs by using its UV light. Bugs fly directly into the 1200 volts electrified grid and die instantly. Our mosquito repellent lantern and bug killer is designed to work in any weather condition be sunshine or rain. This lantern works as a mosquito repellent for any occasion as well you name it–fishing, outdoor entertainment, boating, fishing, and BBQ parties. 

Why choose our mosquito repellent lantern

Our mosquito zapper doubles emergency rechargeable lantern is the most effective mosquito repellent with no ill side effects. It is portable and a convenient way that you can adopt to control pesky mosquitoes, insects, and other bugs. Moreover, it also provides good lighting on the go, and whenever you need it. This repellent that doubles as a lantern use bright UV LED’s to light your balcony, your patio, a porch, or even your outdoor multipurpose lawn.

Talk about pest control taken to the next level. You can now enjoy a lovely evening with your family on your porch, or evening alone time with your coffee on your patio and even early morning yoga in your lawn—without having to worry about pesky mosquitoes ruining those moments for you. Apart from being an effective mosquito repellent, in case of a power outage, our lantern proves to be an effective emergency light. 

Are you worried about how you can avoid pesky pest invasion on a rainy day? Or how do you keep those mosquitoes away when you’re out fishing in the lake nearby. Our mosquito repellent lanterns are made waterproof, it is even conditioned to work under any climatic condition. Rain or shine our mosquito repellent lantern is always at your service. This lantern has no ill effects on people or the environment as it does emit chemical substances the blend in with the air around your home. It is safe, effective, and energy-efficient that keeps you from bug-bites indoors and outdoors.

Our lantern works to your convenience as a combination of pest control and portable lighting. The brightness of the light can be adjusted to low, medium, and high lighting levels. The lantern works up to 20 hours when the lighting is adjusted to 50 lumens, ten hours when the lighting is adjusted to 100 lumens, and six hours when the lighting is adjusted to 220 lumens.

An additional perk includes the emergency flash that ensures you always have just the right amount of light in case of emergencies, it helps you signal for help during a breakdown or and provides up to 200 lumens of brightness. It simulates natural daylight allowing you to feel like you mini and personal sunlight of your own. 

This combo of a mosquito repellent and portable lantern can be used anywhere. It has a rechargeable battery. While no chords and strings are attached to the lantern, you only need a USB cable to charge the battery when you need it. It works wonders on inside you home and even outside. It is rainproof and weatherproof and ensures you have a worry-free, no-mosquito environment. For just $29.95 zap your way to a mosquito-free environment whenever and wherever.