5 Effective Ways Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping?

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping

Irrespective of the season whether it’s spring, summer or winter, we all love to go camping, trekking, hiking, and other such adventures. Before our planning gets ready bugs and mosquitoes plan for attacking us when we are outside, there is always a need to keep mosquitoes away while camping. Compared to indoor, an outdoor attack is more severe always and special care needs to be taken. The best way to escape from these annoying mosquitoes, harmful bugs, and even from insects is being prepared with some precautions or using mosquito repellent before their attack.

Are you a camping lover?

Passionate to travel the world?

Love to spend more time outdoor than indoor?

You must take care of yourself outside and should plan in advance to be protected from these nuisance pests. Camping and hiking are fun and I don’t think you want to spoil your precious time and the most memorable trip just because of such pesky bugs. Here are some tips for enjoying the camping bugs-free, you must read this before starting your trip.

Good protective equipment is natural remedies such as tea tree oils, rosemary, calendula, basil, sage, mint, lavender, anise, white fir, eucalyptus. They are excellent natural repellents. Spray the skin and clothes (in children) with them, when there are mosquitoes around, and soaked handkerchief in the room.

The safest defense is that mosquitoes do not have access to the skin. Wear light lightweight garments with long sleeves and legs. Mosquitoes are attracted by dark and bright colors, they should be avoided when you are outdoors.

5 Effective tricks to keep mosquitoes away from your campsite:


1. Natural bug spray to keep mosquitoes away from the campsite

Natural bug spray is enough to repel the bugs that are not too stubborn. Some sunscreens also have a formula similar to the mosquito bug zapper formula. Make sure that you travel with some natural bug spray and mosquito-repellent sunscreen lotion for a safe outing. Some powerful sprays can also be used often while traveling to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

2. Mosquito-proof clothing to keep mosquitoes away from the campsite

Always wear loose and full-body covering cloths, it can prevent mosquitoes from biting you. If you are worried about the heat from full covering cloths, then prefer light and thin clothes. Mosquitoes generally are more attracted to dark colors so always wear light-colored clothes. Don’t use a scent that can attract mosquitoes, keep fragrant things like soap, shampoo, perfume, and lotion always covered.

3. Light a candle or make a campfire to keep mosquitoes away from the campsite

Smoke is a great repellent for mosquitoes, always carry candles with you while going for an outing, camping, and trekking. Campfire is obviously a camping thing, but it also repels bugs, mosquitoes, and pests, thus this is a great idea for staying safe from mosquitoes while camping. Add sage to your campfire, it is the best natural mosquito repellent because bugs don’t like the smell of sage.

4. Choose a dry camping site to keep mosquitoes away from the campsite

Choosing a camping site is also important because preferring a place that is far from the stagnant water like ponds and marshy lands can also help in escaping from mosquitoes. Comfortable camping begins with the right tent at the right place, choose a flat part of your campsite to arrange it. Prefer the area with a good wind flow that will blow bugs away. Mosquitoes love to be at wet, garbage-filled, damp places so better stay away from such places.

5. Effective mosquito repellent to keep mosquitoes away from the campsite

You can get an effective mosquito zapper with many advanced features from several popular selling brands, but check whether they are waterproof, portable, rechargeable, weatherproof and compact. The mosquito repellent with all such features is ideal for camping, you can go for “outdoor mosquito zapper” from Zapout. This is specially designed for the purpose of camping, outing, trekking, and hiking.