How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes From Your House – 5 Best Ways

how to get rid of mosquitoes from house

Mosquitoes not only cause havoc outdoors by causing various diseases through their bites, but they always find a way to enter your house and can be very dangerous to humans. If you are tired of hitting mosquitoes by hand or waving them away, then there is a need to follow effective methods of eliminating mosquitoes.

There are many ways to eliminate the mosquitoes by some natural solutions like the use of mosquito zapper, wearing loose and full covering clothes, the use of mosquito shields while sleeping and elimination of mosquito breeding.

All these methods will help you to be safe from dangerous diseases that come from mosquito bites like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and other allergic reactions. Here in this blog, I would like to suggest you 5 best ways on how to get rid of mosquitoes from the house, by following which you can safeguard your home from mosquitoes and can stay healthy.

5 best ways on how to get rid of mosquitoes:


1. Make your home insect-proof to get rid of mosquitoes

Open doors and windows are the invitations for mosquitoes, sometimes we will open them for fresh air but through them, mosquitoes enter your home. Install fine net for your door and window from inside and outside, it will block the way for mosquitoes and prevent them from entering the house. Patch the gap in your window screen or doors; it will keep your home safe by keeping away bugs, mosquitoes, and even mice.

2. Use lighting that doesn’t attract mosquitoes

The intensity or brightness of light when correctly adjusted can reduce the probability of mosquitoes entering your house. You can prevent this issue by making an intelligent selection of lights like “The yellow light bulb, bug light, and UV lamp”, which attract fewer mosquitoes. The bug light neither kills mosquitoes nor repels, it attracts lesser mosquitoes towards it when compared to other light bulbs.

3. Using a mosquito zapper helps get rid of mosquitoes

Nowadays there are many mosquito repellents available in the market that can kill them and control the mosquito populations. An electric bat is enough to kill the stationary mosquitoes. You can also use “Indoor bug zapper and the oil-based mosquito repellent which are very safe to use for eliminating mosquitoes. Chemical insect repellent can keep mosquitoes away from your skin for several hours and it’s a great solution to avoid the mosquito bites.

4. Prevent water stagnation to get rid of mosquitoes

Water stagnation happens when water stops flowing and it is the main source for the insect and mosquito’s breeding. To keep away the mosquitoes from your home, cover or drain all the containers and things that can hold water near your home. Completely covered or completely drained containers nearby your home can eliminate the mosquito breeding. To reduce mosquito breeding you can change water collection pans for plant pots regularly, clean the bird or pet bathing tubs, keep gutters clear and drain the old car tires.

5. Use of natural mosquito kill-off solutions helps get rid of mosquitoes

We always prefer non-toxic, chemical-free, safe and natural products to repel mosquitoes and these are not harmful to the human body. The natural products like camphor oil, tulsi, garlic, dry ice, coffee grounds, tea tree oil, peppermints, mosquito repellent plants, lemon and cloves, neem and lavender oil, and citronella are some natural mosquito repellents that are highly effective against mosquitoes. The radiofrequency produced from the ultrasonic bug repellent is also sometimes enough to keep away the mosquitoes.