6 Ultimate Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Home- Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

How to keep mosquitoes away from home?

We all spend more than 50% of our time at home, thus there is a need to keep the home clean and bug-free. By keeping the home clean, we can have fresh air and can become healthy you can keep mosquitoes away from home. Toxic chemicals, bugs, pests, mosquitoes, airborne bacteria, and germs are present in the outside environment and at any time they can find a way to enter your house. They can be unsafe for you, your kids and also for your pets, as they can cause dangerous diseases.

You can’t shield your entire house from all these harmful germs and air contaminants, as they can enter even from a tiny crack. You can’t completely control them from entering the house or biting you, so it’s better to limit them by means of many possible ways.

Here Are a Few Of Our Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Away:

1. Maintain ventilation system 

Poor indoor air quality can be a reason for some dangerous diseases that can affect your health badly. It’s important to maintain proper ventilation in your home, have the doors and windows open during the day so that you can have fresh air.

The air you will get from outdoors is not totally safe, it is full of germs and harmful bacteria, and can bring the airborne particles into your home space. You can escape these by using a viable solution like “Air Purifier from Zapout that will give you fresh air by removing all the contaminants and will keep you safe. Fresh and pure air is a must for allergic and asthmatic patients, this product is very ideal for them. This way you can keep mosquitoes away.

2. Make green space

Bring certain herbal plants to your house, they not only look good but also help in purifying the air by removing chemical pollutants. These plants make the air fresh and healthy, but the only thing needed is the proper maintenance of the soil in their pots to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria, germs or bugs. This way you can keep mosquitoes away.

3. Keep the house clean

Everyone wants to be in a clean place, so just make a habit of keeping everything arranged at their proper place and clean the home regularly. Cleaning is not a tough task and not even expensive, so we can easily clean everything, each room, each corner by simply using natural cleaner, cleaning cloth, broom, mop, and water. Cleaning removes germs and dirt and helps us in being safe and healthy. Always remember to use non-toxic cleaners as they keep you in good health. This way you can keep mosquitoes away.

4. Keep food wrapped

The germs and bugs can enter our bodies through the food we eat. Ensure food items are covered and wrapped which will keep you away from many diseases. Always use the food container made of glass instead of plastics because plastic is harmful to our bodies. Eat organic food, it is free from many toxic pesticides and more nutritious than conventional food. This way you can keep mosquitoes away.

5. Use Indoor  mosquito repellent plants

A well-known saying is “Prevention is always better than cure”. Keep your home and yourself safe by using bug preventive methods. There are many natural homemade solutions to keep bugs and mosquitoes away. “Indoor and outdoor mosquito zapper from Zapout are ideal to eliminate the bloodthirsty mosquitoes and to keep you safe. This way you can keep mosquitoes away.

Some Quick Tips For Natural Protection From Mosquitoes

People are usually prone to bites of mosquitoes due to a combination of odor, light, heat, and humidity. If you are a magnet for mosquitoes, then you are probably also tired of itchy skin. Different types of mosquitoes — just like those who tolerate malaria — they prefer bacteria and sweat. Others attract even carbon dioxide and some smell of hands. Find out which natural originators work best.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

It has been used since 1940. Lemon Eucalyptus Oil is one of the most famous natural mosquitoes. Disease Control and Prevention centers (CDC) have approved Eucalyptus oil as an effective ingredient in products for protection from mosquitoes.

The recent Trusted Source survey showed that a mixture of 32% of lemon Eucalyptus Oil provided three hours for more than 95% protection against mosquitoes.


Crushed lavender blossoms produce a fragrance that repels mosquitoes. The Trusted Source study on mice without hair has found that lavender oil is effective when scaring adult mosquitoes. Lavender has analgesic, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. This means that in addition to preventing mosquito bites it can also soothe the skin.

Cinnamon Oil

According to a study carried out in Taiwan, cinnamon oil can be discarded by mosquitoes. It can also act as a protection against the adult mosquito, especially the Asian mosquito. If you want to make a diluted 1% solution, mix 1/4 teaspoon (or 24 drops) of oil with every 4 ml of water. The liquid can be dispersed through the skin or clothing, around your home, and on the upholstery or plants. Be careful when using cinnamon oil because the concentrated dose can irritate the skin.

Thyme oil

When scaring malaria mosquitoes, thyme oil is one of the best in securing protection. In one of the animal studies of Trusted Source, 5% of thyme oil, which was related to the skin of mice without hair, had a 91% level of protection.


Citronella is usually a natural and effective essential oil that works against the mosquito. It is made from a mixture of herbs and is an ingredient of many protective products in front of mosquitoes. If they are outdoors, the candles of Citronella can provide up to 50 percent of the additional protection.