How to Use Landscaping to Repel Mosquitoes?

How to Use Landscaping to Repel Mosquitoes

Everyone loves to have a beautiful garden in the surroundings of their home, but the thing is gardens are the second home for mosquitoes. Whenever we want to spend quality time in the garden, insects will definitely come to bother us. We can use the landscaping to repel mosquitoes and bugs, by preventing them from entering our house.

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Other than the conventional repellents, there are many alternate ways to keep the mosquitoes away.

The methods like removing water stagnant pots, planting some mosquito repellent flowers, keeping the lawn clean and staying away from damp places and ponds will keep you safe from mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes get inside the home from outside and the probability of their entry increases with the increase of rotten organic matter in your surroundings. You can make your landscaping to repel mosquitoes in many ways and some of them are:

Landscaping to Repel Mosquitoes

Grow mosquito repellent plants

Plant lemongrass in your surroundings, which is scientifically called Cymbopogon and the mosquitoes don’t like the scent of lemongrass.

The crushed leaves of the lemongrass give a scent that is attractive to humans but at the same time can repel the bugs, mosquitoes, and insects.

You can add marigold to your garden, and it will give a beautiful look to your outdoors as well as repel the insects and mosquitoes with its fragrance.

Other plants that you can have in your garden are lavender, basils, catnip, mint and rosemary which keep mosquitoes and bugs away from your house.

Clean wet and damp places

Find and clean areas with stagnant water, as we already know mosquitoes will lay their eggs in stagnant water resources like old tires, poorly drained areas, and clogged gutter. We can destroy their eggs before developing by removing the stagnant water sources as early as possible. Also, remove mud puddles by putting a layer of stones, a layer of dry soil and by growing plants.

Maintain the lawn & cut the tall grass

Many home gardeners and greenery lovers grow cedar in their homes and gardens to repel mosquitoes naturally.

Clean your lawn daily and put cedar mulch there; it is a natural way to repel mosquitoes, insects, and bugs. Tallgrass can be a reason for the increase of mosquito volume around your house, remove the tall weeds regularly which will keep you safe and healthy.

Send an invitation to mosquito predators

There are a number of birds and animals that can help in your mosquito controlling efforts. Just add some mosquito predators like small birds to your garden and give them away to stay there to kill the mosquitoes and bugs. Support them by providing comfort that is important to survive in the surroundings.

Remove wind flow obstructions

Mosquitoes mostly can’t survive in the high-speed wind flow, remove obstructions from your surroundings that can block the wind.

Generally, the trees with height and more foliage can block the wind, trim the foliage and shorten the trees so that the wind can blow across the garden and the house without any obstruction.