It’s All About That Buzz-Kill: Zapout Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp Is the Perfect Repellent to Your Mosquito Problems

Mosquito Killer Lamp

Have you ever hastily ended a beautiful evening outdoors or a highly anticipated camping trip because you could not solve the problem of mosquitoes and bugs? Or are you tired of using topical repellents and other chemical substitutes on your skin for lack of a better solution against these pests? The American Mosquito Control Association says that people who are active and fidget a lot tend to be primary attractants of mosquitoes.1 But here is the review of mosquito killer lamp, an instant and effective solution to your bug-biting woes — Zapout Mosquito Killer Lamp

It is a portable and convenient way to control pesky mosquitoes and flying insects while also doubling as a flashlight. It is the next must-have accessory on your outdoor and camping trips, backyard parties or even in an emergency, such as a blackout.

How Does a Mosquito Killer Lamp Work?

The Zapout Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp uses the power of UV light to draw in mosquitoes and bugs. The bugs are instantly killed when brought it in contact with this powerful 1200V grid. With this zapper, you will have no use for sticky creams or toxic smoke from chemicals to serve the purpose of a pest-free experience. It is lab tested and certified as chemical-free.

Whether you are out camping, boating, fishing, or simply enjoying the sunset on your patio or porch, this repellent gives you a protective diameter of about 200 square feet. This diameter does not change even if you’re on-the-move, cycling, trekking or horse riding. Needless to say, the zapper provides protection for as long as 22 hours. Weighing around 8 oz, it hardly counts as additional weight and can be carried just about anywhere.

What makes this product even more exciting is the Rechargeable Mosquito killer lamp Lantern with a multifunctional lighting kit. In addition to the UV light, the lantern comes with an inbuilt system of 3 LED lights and 1 emergency flashlight. The brightness of this lantern can be adjusted to 3 different settings based on your needs. Low, medium and high-level lighting ensures you have always had just the right amount of light. A dim light of 50 Lumen is the basic setting which is similar to a night lamp providing you with the perfect ambiance in which case it gives you about 20 hours of light.

The Zapout Rechargeable Mosquito Killer LED Lamp stands out from its competition in this category specifically with its highest brightness which is 220 lumen- sufficient for an entire tent. Under this setting, it is capable of providing up to 6 hours of lighting which is significantly more than other portable lanterns. However, even at its brightest, it simulates natural daylight so you needn’t worry about any damaging side-effects to your eyes.

In addition, the Zapout Rechargeable LED Mosquito Killer Lamp will come to your rescue if and when you need to signal for help in emergency situations such as a breakdown, making it a must-have in your outdoor accessory kit or your indoor emergency kit!

The most convenient factor, however, is that both these features can be used simultaneously. Not only are you armed with a mosquito-free ambiance around you, but you are also provided with adequate lighting to read to your children or get some juicy chicken cooking on the grill, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Why Is Zapout Rechargeable Mosquito Lantern the Best Mosquito Killer Lamp?

Best Eco-Friendly Electric Mosquito Killer

The Zapout Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp qualifies as the best 2-in-1 camping lamp portable mosquito zapper. It is designed to be simple while serving as the best natural mosquito repellent for home and outdoors.

Out of charge? Its power source is a built-in rechargeable 2000 mAh battery which is fitted in with a universal USB cable thus making it convenient to recharge using power banks, laptops, etc. The USB cable is included in the packaging of the product. It works approximately 3 hours with a charge time of 5V/1A.

Are you worried you will have to hold it in your hand while in use and that might limit your other hand functions? Worry not! This is a versatile product and it gives you total-hands-free-usage. It comes with a recessed hanger which means it can be suspended overhead or on a backpack as per your needs. It also has an option to function as a freestanding table light or a handheld flashlight as well.

Are you apprehensive about using it under different weather conditions? The Zapper meets the safety needs of the IPX6 and is certified to be used in all types of weather changes. It is rainproof and performs well under all conditions. It is safe to use and environment-friendly in addition to being energy efficient and non-toxic.

Do you have time-consuming maintenance rituals on your mind? All it requires is a good rinsing in warm water and a thorough air dry.

You also get to choose from 3 colors- aqua, lime green, and black. Gauge your mood, make a choice and you’re closer to a buzz-free outdoor experience.

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