Zapout Mosquito Zapper For Ultimate Mosquito Control

Zapout Mosquito Zapper For Ultimate Mosquito Control

We all agree that summer is all about synonymous with outdoor fun in the sun. But the fun of the summer is always accompanied by bugs, insects, pests, and mosquito-swatting. That’s why you need a mosquito zapper — a perfect yet effective mosquito repellent, and other creepy-crawlies that might be plaguing you. From handheld to hanging designs, these electric mosquito zappers can help you get back to what summer’s all about: relaxing and enjoying yourself all season long—mosquito-free!

If you haven’t heard of the term mosquito zapper, we are here to explain its nuances to you. Our mosquito zapper is a light trap with electric grids that uses light and/or visual stimuli to lure mosquitoes into a death trap — the electric grids electrocute the mosquitoes, making a zapping sound in the process. So now that you have heard what our mosquito zapper can do, do consider purchasing one just in case you’ve noticed mosquitoes buzzing around your home. 

Why do you need our mosquito zapper you ask? When there are tons of options in the market. Well, there are other types of machines or devices you could resort to—they’re called ‘mosquito killers’ or ‘mosquito traps’, but they emit unnecessary amounts of carbon dioxide, a gas people and animals produce when they breathe out–which mosquitoes sense when seeking potential blood hosts. But with our zapper, the mosquitoes reach our set-up led-light traps, then they are captured and killed by adhesives.

While most studies reveal that using machines or devices to kill mosquitoes works in theory, they may not work as well as homeowners expect them to—here’s why our mosquito zapper has proven otherwise.

All about our mosquito bug zapper

Our electric mosquito zapper also doubles as a rechargeable mosquito lantern. It provides up to 200 square feet of protection from mosquitoes. You can now enjoy a comfortable backyard camp or barbeque without being bitten by those pesky mosquitoes. Zapout mosquito zapper is a portable rechargeable lantern that leverages the power of UV light to draw in and kill mosquitoes by using its powerful 1000-volt grid. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that enables the lantern to brighten up to 200 lumens while also zapping away pesky mosquitoes. Our electric mosquito zapper is proven waterproof and can be your guardian angel on a rainy day just as much as a summer day.

Bugs– they are everywhere

Mosquitoes are a pest we encounter every day, but more often throughout summer and spring. They buzz around our ears, sting us, land on our food, and are very good at making a general nuisance of themselves. They are known to transmit various diseases from viruses and dengue viruses. Mosquitoes are even capable of making us prisoners within the confinements of our own homes just as we find ways to avoid them. We close doors, stay inside, cover ourselves in sprays and lotions to beat the insects. Is that any way to spend our summer days and nights? Here’s where our mosquito zapper helps take you back to your garden, outdoor living areas and relax while also being protected from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

Our mosquito zapper is right for your house

To answer this question, we are going to break the question down into two sections.

  • Mosquito zapper technology

An illuminated ultra violet globe is at the center of the electric mosquito zapper. Its purpose is to attract mosquitoes. And as the mosquitoes fly towards the light source, they pass through an electrified grid killing them instantly. This scenario is the perfect example of the analogy ‘moth to a flame’

  • Mosquito zapper location

Now that you understand how our mosquito zapper works, we can look at what part of your house is most suitable to station it. You can place it anywhere in your house. It’s that simple! With the ability to give all-round protection within a radius of 200 square feet, our mosquito zapper can be accommodated in practically any space in the house. Are mosquitoes annoying you in your kitchen? Don’t worry our mosquito zapper has got it covered for you! Want to kick back and chill on your patio or balcony? Our mosquito zapper comes with a hook that can be suspended anywhere for all-time protection. But ensure to place it further away from you as the main purpose of the zapper is to first attract the mosquitoes and then kill it. Remember to not position a mosquito bug zapper on or above an outdoor dining setting. This electric mosquito zapper’s purpose is to attract mosquitoes to the zapper. If it is incorrectly positioned, it will only attract more mosquitoes to its location. The best place position for your bug zapper is a couple of meters away from your relaxing space as possible. So, if your dining table is on a patio, position the bug zapper at least 1.5 meters away from the table. If the bug zapper is weatherproof, they can be installed in the garden on an awning, just ensure the plug is undercover to avoid accidents. 

The voltage of the mosquito zapper electrified grid.

Our mosquito zappers use a high voltage transformer or Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to create electricity on the killing grid, this power is known to have a direct effect on those pesky pests buzzing around your home. The high voltage killing grid will zap every mosquito flying through the grid. The high power explodes most mosquitoes upon impact and will reduce the likelihood of any insects escaping. Grid size is also important when considering a mosquito zapper. That is why we fashioned our mosquito zapper with approximately 3.5″ diameter and a 5″H. This grid area provides just about enough killing area, reducing the likelihood of any mosquitoes getting away.

The best of indoors and outdoors—mosquito-free

Zapout mosquito zapper that doubles as an emergency rechargeable lantern is a portable and convenient way to control pesky mosquitoes anywhere, anytime. It even works wonders on the go by providing the perfect lighting and a mosquito-free ambiance. We can name tons of outdoor activities you can pursue fearlessly without the interruption of pests. Camping, fishing, boating, Barbeque parties are few of the many outdoor activities you enjoy wholeheartedly—thanks to our mosquito zapper. Zapout has you protected in and out. Both literally and figuratively.  

Every time you want to relax and chill outside the confinement of your homes with your loved ones and enjoy every shade of the sky, just turn your mosquito zapper on and allow it to draw biting bugs and zap them away non-existence.

Mosquito light zapper to your rescue

This mosquito light zapper leverages bright, ultraviolet LED bulbs that can light up your ambiance and moods. While the light positively impacts your mood, it also puts an end to pets that can ruin your mood. It is the light that all the mosquitoes are drawn to and because of that light, they are quickly zapped away. 

The mosquito zapper provides portable light you can carry around with you anywhere. Do you know of a multipurpose portable mosquito repellent? Now you do! Our mosquito light zapper serves both purposes of being a lantern and a repellent in healthy proportions.  Don’t worry about the battery running out as it is rechargeable and it can function for up to 28 hours on low light. You don’t need cords to plug in the mosquito zapper and lantern. The lantern has three light settings low, medium, and high lighting levels and additionally an emergency flash for your adventure trips. The lantern ensures that you always have just the right amount of light in case you need to signal for help during a breakdown or emergency. With the versatile usage options, it can be used as a night lamp, a freestanding table light, porch light, and even a flashlight. It is rainproof and waterproof thus becoming the most convenient lighting and mosquito-free investment for you. 

The sounds of summer, spring, rain, and thunderstorms, are all making their way to you after a long winter, and along with it, it’s only wise to add a ‘zap’! That’s right, our mosquito zapper is what we’re talking about. Our mosquito zapper has taken up measures to improve safety and mosquito-luring potential. Our ultraviolet emitting light bulb does a brilliant job of attracting mosquitoes into the high voltage electrical wire mesh grid where they are electrocuted. The light bulb and the wires are housed in protective plastic or grounded metal cage—making it look like flowers that insects are normally attracted to. Yes! UV lights are a smart move.

When the mosquitoes see the UV light from the mosquito zapper, it enters the space between the mesh grids. The mosquito itself completes the electric circuit, and the voltage crosses the space between the circuits, instantly vaporizing the mosquito. When the circuit closes you will hear the ‘ZAP’ sound from the instrument.

We all agree that no one likes mosquitoes. Not only are they annoying, but their buzzing also disturbs one sleep and can just ruin a jolly-good day. They cause blisters and epidemics. Although most people, over the years, have been accustomed to using chemical products to get rid of mosquitoes, with time, however, better alternatives have come up—like our mosquito zapper. Our electric mosquito zapper is safe, efficient, cost-effective, and very effective in getting rid of those annoying little pests that are capable of ruining a good day and mankind a bad day worse. Bid adieu to those pesky pests with our electric mosquito zapper today. Don’t wait! Order now.