The Best Portable Bug Zapper for Indoors and Outdoors

The Best Portable Bug Zapper for Indoors and Outdoors

Distressing? Sure. Depressing? Maybe a little. Because you can’t get enough of bugs ruining your mornings, afternoons, or evenings?

We understand that finding the best solution against these pesky pests should be on everyone’s checklist, and that is why we at Zapout have made the portable bug zapper for you. This portable bug zapper is small, it is handy and rechargeable. As much as it is a necessary part of preparing for the summer months at home, it can make for a good bug-ridding solution even outdoors. If you think you are being bitten head-to-toe and have frantically been Googling ‘how to prevent mosquito bites’ at all hours of the day and night—search no more because we have the best indoor-outdoor solution for you—the portable bug zapper.

Our portable rechargeable bug zapper brings good news for us, humans, not for the bugs. But whether you’re looking for a way to keep flies off your porch or a foolproof solution for an oft-frequented indoor space, we at Zapout have got you covered—for pretty much whatever situation you’re in, no matter how dire. Our portable bug-zapper has been tried-and-tested, there is, in fact, a solution for everything. Yes, you really emerge unscathed from your family picnic, camp, or even a BBQ party this year. We assure you that your neighbors might even think about getting a portable bug zapper around to keep their ambiance bug-free, having heard of your successful bug-free experience. Our portable bug zapper can be a handheld, left freestanding or even suspended by a hook, you’ll be able to keep those pesky bugs at bay through the summer with ease.

Do you know your portable bug zapper is a lantern?

Our portable bug zapper also serves as a portable lantern. It is equipped with the three-light mode design—50 lumen light mode that works for twenty hours, 100 lumen light mode for ten hours, and 220 lumen light mode that works for six hours. After a full charge, you can suspend or simply place the portable bug zapper in a stable location, and then you can enjoy your wonderful time of peace without the annoying buzz. Our portable bug zapper can create a 200 square feet radius of bug-free zone. It is ideal for camping, hiking, backyard picnics in outdoor spaces, and also indoor spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and home offices. Our portable bug zapper that also doubles as a camping light—is small but bright enough; compact and lightweight in design weighing only eight ounces. Just like the size of a soda can! It can be put into your backpack without taking up too much space.

How long does the battery last?

Since we have designed our portable rechargeable bug zapper for indoor and outdoor use—hence it has been equipped with the option of USB charging and a battery with long life. It can also be operated while plugged in if you do happen to have a nearby electrical outlet available and run on battery outdoors. The portable rechargeable bug zapper has an inbuilt 2200mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged with a USB cable. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, this portable bug zapper will run for several hours on a single charge. This small bug-fighting instrument is convenient for outdoor ambiances as well. The portable bug zapper alone can go on for 28 hours nonstop. It can run for six hours lighting-only on high mode—eight hours of lighting-only in medium-light mode and 20 hours for lighting-only on low-light mode. Enjoy protection with perfect lighting this summer and well beyond the summer mosquito season.

How safe is it to use this portable bug zapper?

At Zapout, we ensure that premium quality is the standard we set for all our products. Safety concerns are always tried and tested. Your safety is our primary concern. Our mosquito killer lamp/portable rechargeable bug zapper uses high-quality ABS and PC material this enables the portable bug zapper to resist high temperature. It is made sturdy with a rim around the electric grid to prevent accidental contact.  It does not emit smoke and odor and easy to clean. With an IPX6 rating, it has been declared highly waterproof—you don’t need to worry about a rainy day in outdoor. It’s ok for our portable bug zapper if you’ve accidentally dropped it into a pail of water for it can be soaked in the water in a short time. But please note soaking the camping bug zapper in the water for a long time may cause damages to the product.

How adaptable is our portable bug zapper?

Our portable rechargeable bug zapper has a lantern-like aesthetic that easily blends into a variety of décor styles. It features white LED lights for ambient light when the portable bug zapper is not in use. 

Apart from décor, we are aware that winning the war against insects on their turf requires an effective bug zapper. We have made the best model available for outdoor use. This electric bug zapper will attract and eradicate mosquitoes and other flying insects in an area up to 200 or 300 square feet. It draws any kind of pests and flying insects with UV light which works as a bait attractant, then zapping them through an electrified grid. It adapts to ambiances be it a 300 square feet room indoors or a 200 square feet yard outdoors, it is lightweight and portable and can be suspended by a hook.

Our portable bug zapper is a great choice for insect control. It is a budget-friendly method of reducing mosquitos, gnats, flies, and other household pests. Don’t wait! Order now to enjoy a pest-free summer!