Effective Ways to Protect Children from Mosquito Bites

Effective Ways to Protect Children from Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes are often irritating because they bite over the skin and suck blood from the human body. Often, it is quite a big problem to protect your children from mosquito bites. Special care needs to be taken in case of kids as they have low immunity and get diseases easily because of mosquitoes. Our experts provide you the effective ways to protect children from mosquito bites.

Often mosquitoes start breeding in water or in plant pots, shrubs and even in rainwater left in burrows or holes where the children usually play and you can’t hold them (kids) back from playing outdoors. Nonetheless, we must choose an alternative method by using a Mosquito repellent that is safe and effective in preventing bites of mosquitoes.

The Things You Should Ensure to Protect Children from Mosquito Bites

  • Keep the environment clean and allow kids to play only in mosquito-free safe areas
  • Do not allow kids to play in polluted places and near stagnant water
  • Proper dressing covering almost the whole body to prevent mosquito bites
  • Use the best mosquito repellents when necessary at home and outdoors which don’t cause an allergic reaction
  • Avoid the use of toxic products which may cause harmful effects
  • Cut tall weeds and grass present in your lawns to stop mosquito breeding

Protect Children from Mosquito bites- What can you do for repelling mosquitoes?

  • Maintain Clean Surroundings to protect you kid from mosquito bites

When old waste materials such as dry leaves, stored vehicle tires, damaged flower pots are present near your home, Rainwater becomes stagnant. Mostly Junk supports the effective breeding of mosquitoes and that is very dangerous for kids.

Care should be taken of open drains and small ponds around your place and good kitchen hygiene needs to be maintained and regular cleaning of the water tanks to avoid the mosquitoes.

  • Spread more herbs in lawn to protect your child from mosquito bites

So many beneficial plants are there that can be added to your garden and balcony for repelling the mosquitoes. It is a natural way to repel mosquitoes, which is cost-effective and long-lasting. Some powerful herbs have the capacity to attract and destroy mosquitoes by ejecting some scents.

The popularly known plants like Basil, Lemon Balm, Rosemary and Peppermint and a few more keep the mosquitoes away from your house. It is an easy way to maintain the garden for mosquito elimination that also gives a fresh look to your home and outdoors.

  • Choose the best repellents to protect your children from mosquito bites

Nowadays you can find a wide range of mosquito repellents available in the market. Prefer an effective way to keep mosquitoes away from your kids and it is important to choose safe bug trap products. Most common features that a good pest control product should have:

  • Completely eliminate mosquitoes
  • Possess lifetime warranty and easy to carry anywhere
  • Can be used at any place
  • Multiple features with advanced technology
  • Safe for allergic people and should not possess any side effects

All these features can be found in the most reliable device called “indoor mosquito zapper” from Zapout. It will zap the mosquitoes from your house and will keep your children safe.

  • Use of Mosquito Nets and Screens to prevent mosquito bites

Using mosquito nets while sleeping is an effective way of protecting your family from the dangerous diseases caused by mosquito bites. Installing a net is not very expensive, just one thing to keep in mind is that the net should be attached properly and checked that no mosquitoes can pass the net. Ensure proper net covering of baby carriers all the time indoors and outdoors.

Use of wire meshes, insect screens for doors and windows is another good option to keep away mosquitoes without blocking the fresh air. You should check and repair any holes in the screens or wire meshes and need to cover gaps if any to avoid the entry of mosquitoes from doors and windows.

Tropical countries where disease-causing mosquitoes occur, you should always sleep under a mosquito net. Stop the edges of the mosquito net under the mattress and attach the net in height to lean on the 4 corners of the bed or hang it with a rope at four points.

Also protect the crib, the recliner, and so on from your baby with a mosquito net. Also, put the child in the bath under the mosquito net.

The mosquito net should always be impregnated with an insecticide such as permethrin or deltamethrin. This causes the mosquitoes that settle down on the net or killed before they can sting. In addition, the other mosquitoes in the room are also chased away or killed.

  • Appropriate Outdoor care to protect children from mosquito bites

Generally, kids enjoy vacations a lot, but changing seasons bring several unwanted bugs, especially mosquitoes which may lead to unhappiness for kids enjoying their vacation. To help relieve this concern, prefer technically created barriers that keep your family protected and comfortable like “Outdoor bug Zapper” from Zapout. This allows kids to enjoy anywhere safely without the worry of getting bitten by mosquitoes and bugs.

  • Appropriate Clothes to protect children from mosquito bites

Wear lightly colored clothing (one sees the mosquitoes sitting) that covers the arms and legs as much as possible (long pants, long sleeves, socks).

If the substance is too thin, the mosquitoes can easily cross through it.
In regions with dangerous mosquitoes, you can dilute upper clothes, ankle or bracelets and similar impregnate with permethrin (1 part of the solution to 10% with about 50 parts of water, completely dry). Examples of products you can use for this include Mouskito spray or Biokill, Permas.

Direct contact with the skin should be avoided, so never impregnate underwear.

Clothes can also be sprayed with an insect repellent product based on DEET. Deet does synthetic substances
so you have to be very careful to apply DEET to clothing to protect children from mosquito bites.

What should you do if you’ve been stung by a mosquito?

If the itching is very bad, you can take an anti-allergy pill (an antihistamine) for example cetirizine. Preferably take these pills in the evening because they can sometimes cause drowsiness.
In tropical countries, serious infections often arise from an itchy insect bite that unknowingly scratches you open.

Therefore, you can possibly apply a drop of cortisone cream to the bite at night so that it does not itch and you do not scratch it open. Such ointments should not be used on the face. Certain creams with an antihistaminic give a hypersensitivity reaction when the sun comes on. Be careful about that.