Zippety Zap: Use Zapout’s Mosquito Killer Lamp for Pest-free Experiences

Mosquito Killer Lamp

Warmer weather means reveling in outdoor activities like hiking, sunbathing, and barbeques. Along with these adventures come one tiny nuisance–mosquitoes. These pesky pests, which thrive in summer can put a damper on anyone’s warm-weather fun. But there are ways to deter mosquitos, so you can enjoy a little bit of sunshine. The most common method used to repel mosquitoes is a bug spray.

They are said to have a long-lasting effect against mosquitos, but there have been concerns over potential side effects of the spray, including skin irritation, redness, rash, and swelling. This is where Zapout comes in as a problem solver with its mosquito killer lamp with absolutely no side effects to your body. Also known as the Zapout mosquito bug zapper and portable rechargeable lantern—it leverages the power of UV light to draw in and kill mosquitoes and bugs using its powerful 1000-volt grid.

Want to do yoga on your balcony early in the morning or late in the evening? Now you can be anxious-free with our portable lantern light that fights darkness and mosquitoes.

The light-ning effect

Our LED mosquito killer lamp utilizes three LED bulbs that proportionately increase the lantern brightness up to 200 lumens–they are sufficient to light up a 300 square feet room. The LED bulbs have a brightness setting that pays off as emergency lighting during power shutoffs. But that’s not even the ultimate purpose of the zapper. The lantern projects ultraviolet rays to attract bugs, mosquitoes and other insects like moths are drawn to a flame. It attracts those pesky pests within a radius of 200 square feet. What next? The insects then come in contact with the 1200-volt zapping grid that encircles the LED bulbs. With a zap and a zoom these pesky insects are bid adieu.


The built-in rechargeable 2000 mAh battery enables our mosquito killer lamp to function for up to 20 hours or more. Additionally, it has three kinds of brightness settings that can be classified as low, medium and high lighting levels. These settings can add or subtract the duration of the battery. If the LED mosquito killer lamp is set to 50 lumens, it allows the lamp to function for 20 hours straight. Similarly, if set at 100 lumens it runs for ten hours and if set at 220 lumens it keeps your ambiance pest-free for six hours straight. The battery can be charged via USB cable that comes with the package.

An additional perk is the emergency flash option that ensures you always have just the right amount of light. This setting was strategically formulated to address emergencies and signal for help during a breakdown.

Certainly durable

A combination of metal and plastic that weighs eight ounces is what builds our mosquito killer lamp. The lantern lives a long life if maintained well. It is suitable for all indoor and outdoor use and does not require insecticide assistance. It is safe for humans and pets and recommended for use in the bedrooms, sitting rooms, offices and other breeding ground for mosquitoes. It produces no radiation whatsoever. It is easy to clean—all you need to do is rinse it under warm water and air-dry. It makes no noise and can be used while sleeping. Overall, it is a multipurpose lantern!

The portability factor

Being a two in one mosquito zapper and lantern—this electric mosquito killer lamp is portable and convenient to control pesky mosquitoes and flying insects while providing the perfect lighting on the go. Whether trekking, camping or enjoying star-gazing on your terrace during quarantine Zapout’s mosquito killer lamp is a unique and practical combination of mosquitoes and insect control and portable lighting. It even comes with a recessed hanger that allows Zapout to be suspended and used as an overhead light.

Waterproof zapper

After pondering over the durability and portability factor the next standout feature is how our mosquito killer lamp stands resilient against water during adventures like camping, fishing, and boating. Zapout has you protected even on a rainy day on your porch. It has been designed to perform well under all weather conditions. Rain or shine your mosquito killer lamp has got your back! It is energy-efficient, non-toxic, and environment friendly.  You can now reclaim your home and rid yourself of mosquitoes and insects for good.

While functioning at its peak regardless of the ambiance, Zapout’s mosquito killer lamp adapts as a freestanding table light, hangs as an overhead lamp or even adapts as a handheld flashlight and a mosquito and insect killer. It is always there for you no matter what the circumstance. Whenever you want to sit outside with loved ones and enjoy an evening, the lights you put on will not only draw bugs toward it but also put an end to its annoyance. Hence leaving you to pursue your peaceful evening.

Over the years most people have accustomed to the use of chemical products to get rid of mosquitoes. However, with time, better alternatives have come up like Zapout’s mosquito lamp. This electric mosquito killer lamp is safe, efficient, cost-effective and very effective. Not only does it kill mosquitoes, but they also have the power to get rid of most flying insects by forming a protective blanket over 200 square feet radius. Using this electric mosquito killer is good as it proves to be an advantage that overrules the absence of pesticides.