When do Mosquitoes Come Out? Mosquito Season

When Do Mosquitoes Come Out & Become Most Active: Mosquito Season

Some dangerous diseases enter our house with nasty mosquitoes in the mosquito season; it can be itching, allergy or any viral fever. Sometimes you can see a group of mosquitoes buzzing on the top of our head; it’s mostly in the evening time.

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes seem to be very active at a particular time of the day or in a particular season?

Yes, mosquitoes get active during a certain time of the day and during certain seasons. Mosquito’s activeness depends on the mosquito’s type, some species come out in the daytime and some at nighttime.

Mosquitoes cannot tolerate sunlight because they get dehydrated and die, so usually, they become more active both during early morning and evening times. It is observed that mosquitoes are more active in summer when compared to winter.

Mosquitoes hate cold and even some species may die in the winter seasons, during this time probably they will be in the larva phase waiting for the summer weather to rise. It’s completely a matter of temperature that they get active and can survive temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Rainy season is also favorable for mosquitoes breeding. Due to heavy rain, stagnant water bodies increase in numbers and result in mosquito outbreak and will ultimately result in the increase of diseases.

Mosquito season- How to be Prepared?

Mosquito season starts in summer and well extends into fall, it depends on the species. Some mosquitoes become active in winter while some in spring and others in summer. Temperature plays an important role in determining mosquito activities season-wise. As the temperature begins to increase, mosquitoes become more and more active and their numbers reach the extreme on hot summer days.

What can disrupt a quiet summer evening more than annoying mosquitoes who give you a few chipped? Perhaps ticks, whose activity is quite high already and where we are at risk of contagion with tick-borne encephalitis or Lyme disease. There are more ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes and ticks, but there are also natural preparations that will help you to repel these monsters. In addition, you can simply prepare them yourself.

Benefits of vitamin B1 during the mosquito season

You may have heard that brewer’s yeast or yeast repels ticks. Some people even take a group B vitamin complex in the summer months to reduce the risk of staking a tick. It is worth, in particular, vitamin B1, or thiamine, which permeates the skin of our body and intrusive insects, including mosquitoes, flies or ticks, unpleasantly. This effect was also observed by our ancestors, so many people may remember from childhood how their grandmothers had been rubbing a drone spread on their bread in the summer so that they would not bring a tick from the forest.

Geraniol Or Citronellol in essential oils for mosquito season

You can make a natural repellent very easily from essential oils with a natural content of geraniol or citronella. Some essential oils from plants or fruits even contain both of these substances, thus becoming a very effective insect repellent, especially mosquitoes. As an example, let’s include rose blossoms, nutmegs or lemons.

Among the generally popular and effective oils are tea tree oil, which in addition to its diverse activities will find use even in this case. All you have to do is rub these oils in a few places of the body, or mix a few drops with water into a nebulizer or use them in an aroma lamp. Unlike chemical repellents, these substances smell pleasant, so you will have two advantages in one package.

Cloves in Alpa benefits during the mosquito season

Another excellent natural preparation that will help you ward off ticks and unpleasant insects are cloves leached in Alpa. One small pack of Alps and 20 unground spiced cloves will be enough to make it. Let them slash in Alpa for two days, then sit down. You can fight in the areas of the lower extremities, where we most often come to ticks, but carefully only with skin fighting — after all, it is a hatchery, therefore it is necessary to pay attention, so it is necessary to pay attention, so as not to cause irritation.

Even ordinary herbs from the garden will help

Ordinary herbs from the garden, such as basil, rosemary, thyme or sage or lavender, will also help to repel insects. You can make a natural repellent from them either by leaching in virgin oil or in vinegar. In the latter case, however, your product will smell a little less. Cut the herbs, peel, and then sit again. If you choose oil, you can apply directly to the skin. If vinegar, the application will be easier in the atomizer.

Depends on the region

Mosquito’s activeness varies according to the region, and it also depends on the temperature of that particular region. The places with high temperatures are most likely to become very high in mosquito populated regions. The warmer the climate at any place, earlier the mosquito season will start and the longer it will last. Some areas like damp areas and the areas near a pond or ditch attract a large number of mosquitoes, you should always stay away from such places.

Be prepared for mosquito season

Why wait for the time when the mosquito will come and bite us? Why worry about mosquito infestation in the last minute? Prepare before the mosquito season starts, before the temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The mosquito breeding starts as the weather gets warmer so it’s way better to start preparing from the cold season itself with a bug trap.


What can you do?

  • You can buy a “Bug zapper light” from Zapout, which is a multipurpose product designed to kill mosquitoes effectively and serve the purpose of a desk lamp.
  • Start collecting some natural mosquito-killing ingredients.
  • Start planting some mosquito repellent flower plants in your garden.
  • Attach screens for doors, windows and repair any cracks or leaks.
  • Remove anything that can hold water and drain old tires.
  • Clean clogged gutters.
  • Install mosquito zapper light or yellow light that attracts fewer mosquitoes.
  • Use effective mosquito repellent to ward off mosquitoes instantly.
  • Travel during the offseason, if you are traveling during summer just carry “outdoor mosquito zapper” from Zapout with you.